Dive into the land of Ilvard and discover its people, its lore, and its legends.
A Brief History Of Granvallen
A world of myth and magic where continents hang suspended in the skies, its lands shaped aeons ago by the goddesses Aplieste and Espina.
Five hundred years ago, the Six Demon Lords rose up to make war upon the world. Their advance was checked by House Valence, lords of the Sacred Kingdom, and by their unlikely alliance of nations, spirits, and dragons. The fierce fighting tore at the very heart of Granvallen, but the demon lords were finally cast down and their power sealed.
We know this epochal event today as the Great Sorcery War. In its aftermath, the Sacred Kingdom fell into decline, along with the magic that had suffused every aspect of its prosperous civilization.
Most keenly felt was the loss of the teleportation gates that had linked Granvallen's myriad floating isles. Lands once connected fell into isolation, with little contact beyond their borders. though to fill the void magic had left behind, mankind began to make great strides in the development of machinery, giving rise to a revolutionary new invention.
They called it the "aeroplane" – steel wings with a churning heart of pistons and gears that, after centuries of being bound to the land, finally returned the people of Granvallen to the skies, and to far-off horizons...
The Pilot and the Princess
Pilot, treasure hunter, and courier Ragna Valentine lives a life of adventure flying the high skies of Granvallen. But on a routine delivery to the remote floating continent of Ilvard, he finds himself ambushed by two dragon-riding ne’er-do-wells who send his plane spiraling to the ground.
Fortunately for Ragna, his crash was witnessed by someone in a position to do something about it: vampire princess Alwen du Moonbria. Pulling the dying Ragna from the wreckage of his plane, Alwen forms a blood contract with him, saving his life in exchange for his services as her vassal.
Her request is far from simple – Alwen needs Ragna’s help both to recover her stolen magic, and to retake her castle, wrested from her mere weeks ago by villains unknown. Ragna’s ready to ante up, but on one condition: instead of acting as Alwen’s servant, he wants to undertake their adventure as equal partners...even though it could very well make the going tougher!
So begins the unlikely duo’s trek across Ilvard. Along the way they’ll meet the isle’s strange and colorful residents, battle the minions of darkness, train pets, learn potent skills from a macho masked luchador, and discover the meaning of (slightly dysfunctional) friendship. Sure, the bad guys might have the upper hand, but luckily for Ragna and Alwen, they never saw a tag-team this weird coming!